The Risk Conference

Welcome to the Risk Conference! The Risk Conference is the largest annual event of Risk, the Financial Study Association of Groningen. Yearly, the conference attracts about 300-350 financially oriented students.


During the Risk Conference you will get insights of renowned speakers who will elaborate on topical issues. The speakers, who have often a long background in the financial world, will show you how they have dealt with setbacks and risks during their career and how they used this to get the job they have now.

The speakers of the Risk Conference all have a different background and cover topics in accountancy, economics, finance, and international business. Each speaker will approach a sub-theme, but together they will be able to approach the central theme, which differs each year.

Meet your future employer

The Risk Conference is the perfect way to meet a wide range of companies. By means of company presentations, cases, business lunches, and business dinners you can orientate on internships, masterclasses or eventually your future job. 

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