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2020: "The Influence of the Unseen"

  • The Valuation of Platform Companies: What does the balance sheet of a platform company look like?
  • Risk Trade-Off in Cyber Security: How do companies deal with this risk management dilemma?
  • Behavioural Aspects of Portfolio Building: In which way does subconsciousness impact decisions in portfolio building and maintenance?
  • Coping with Cryptocurrencies: Why do companies accept cryptocurrencies and what happens with the cryptocurrencies once they receive them?

2019: "The Darkside of the Financial world"

  • Tax: An ethical discussion on how the Panama papers enlightend the world.
  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting: Fraud between the lines and how to overpower this.
  • Scandals: How to survive a scandal? In a world where image matters.
  • Artificial Intelligence: What are the complications in the 4th industrial revolution?

2018: "New financial focus: What are the odds of surviving?"

  • Cloud Accounting: How will cloud accounting impact the future of the accounting profession?
  • Banking Without Bankers: Is the role of banks slowly disappearing or will there always be a demand for banking services?
  • Responsibility of Firms: Why should companies care about being socially responsible?
  • Overheated M&A Market: Why are M&A carried out on such a big scale while most of the deals are value destroying?

2017: "Innovations in the Financial World": A leap forward or the next bubble?

  • FinTech: How do start-ups change financial services?
  • Dynamic Accounting: Will innovation in technology and regulation dramatically change teh accounbting profession?
  • Digital Currency: Are we prepared to take on a digital currency?
  • Risk Management: How do multinationals make the most of opportunities and threats in turbulent times?
  • Crowdfunding: A new interesting method of financing, but are there pitfalls too?
  • New Ways of Banking: How should banks react to new FinTech start-ups?


2016: "Too Big to Fail": How vulnerable is the financial market?

  • The European Union: How can we manage the vulnerability of the EU in order to prevent the potential failure?
  • The Big Four: How would an exit of one of The Big Four or an addition to The Big Four changes the scale of balance?
  • Banks: How important is the existence of major banks for our financial system?
  • Public Interest Organizations: How do firms cope with a 'too big to fail' status?


2015: "The Challenge of Emerging Markets": Financial Pitfall or Golden Opportunity?

  • Investing for success: Opportunities in Emerging Markets from a corporate finance perspective
  • Portfolio Management: A focus on financial instruments in Emerging Markets
  • New currencies: Will we see a shift in dominant currencies?
  • Fraud risks in Emerging Markets: Will history repeat itself?


2014: "Crisis Control": Is it possible to rule out crises?

  • Reforming the Real Estate Market
  • Government Influence
  • New Banking Systems
  • Restructing Capital Markets


2013: "A New Era in the Financial World"

  • The Dominance of Tech Giants
  • Risk of Scarcity
  • Recession-proof Industries
  • Principle Before Profit or Profit Before Principle
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