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Who are we?

PGGM is one of the largest pension fund service providers and asset managers in the world. We provide services in the field of integral asset management, pension management, communications, and executive advice to a range of pension funds, affiliated employers and their employees. Currently, we manage pension assets worth in excess of €240 billion for a range of clients and their 4,2 million participants.

The desire that we share with our clients is for their participants to enjoy a good pension in a sustainable, liveable world. A pension is more than just money. This is why we want to achieve good returns with our investments and at the same time have an impact on creating a sustainable world.

PGGM is not merely a pension fund service provider; we really stand for something. As true professionals in the pension sector, with deep roots in the healthcare sector, and as a cooperative financial institution with no profit motive, we look towards the future with an open and broad vision. Furthermore, PGGM is convinced that financial and social returns can go hand in hand. That is why responsible investing is an integral part of the implementation we do for our clients. This means that we deliberately take ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) factors into account in our investing activities.

What do we offer?

Working at PGGM means working at an highly professional and leading company. We offer a professional working environment with many opportunities to develop yourself. High ambition and a great capacity for innovation are distinctive for PGGM. We are continuously looking for ways to meet the needs of our industry. An exciting challenge to which you can contribute. Teamwork, sharing knowledge and independence are highly valued. PGGM values an open and honest culture with respect for people and environment and offer you work that matters.

Risk Conference 2020

During our case you will work on a real-time investment. Are you able to make the right decisions that will not only provide a good return, but that also fit the investment philosophy of PGGM Asset Management? If your answer is YES then sign up for our case and hopefully we will see you at the Risk Conference!

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