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Knowledge and innovation at the FIOD - the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service

The FIOD is the investigative service of the Tax Authorities. In addition to its primary task in the area of tax fraud and financial-economic fraud, it also has responsibility with respect to an ethical corporate life, and a safe financial climate in the Netherlands. The prevention and containment of financial crime is part of this. The FIOD contributes to the fight against organized crime together with partners of the Public Prosecution Service. In the masterclass about the tasks and the objectives of the FIOD, the How and What question will be discussed in detail. The FIOD also increasingly collaborates with science, experts, and the private sector to tackle financial crime. Trendwatching is one of the tools that is used for this. The FIOD has set up the trend platform Trends4fi (trends for financial investigation). These subjects will be covered in the masterclass of the FIOD by Mr. Leo Boer (FIOD Science) and drs. Andrea Wiegman (Trendwatching).

Bob Ultee - Author ''De Zeepbel''

Bob Ultee independently built a million dollar company with the famous soap shops Sabon. He had it all. A company that grew fast. A fortune of hundreds of millions of euros. As early as 30, he reached a place in the top of the Quote 500 Junior. Woman and child. A gigantic villa with its own golf course - while he did not even play golf. He seemed born for happiness, until he lost everything in period of four months. He got into conflict with SNS Bank and ended up in a fight with his wife, who is assisted by a clairvoyant and tax adviser with a dubious reputation.
Bob Ultee describes how it all happened in his book 'De Zeepbel'. From carwash employee to multimillionaire and then bankrupt, but Bob fights back.

In his lectures, Bob Ultee describes his life story. A story full of resilience, entrepreneurship, perseverance and dealing with setbacks.

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