Bruno Bruins

Bruno Bruins will serve as our closing speaker. He is able to provide students with a more personal story about pursuing a career in politics and business. Bruno Bruins will walk us through his long and diverse career in both the public and private sector. He will focus on the question: how can public service be of value in your career? Currently, Bruno Bruins is interim chairman of the board of HTM, the public transport company of The Hague. Previously, Bruins was chairman of the board of the Dutch employee insurance agency UWV and member of the executive committee of Connexxion Holding NV. Bruins is member of the liberal party VVD and served as Alderman and Vice Mayor of The Hague, and as State Secretary for Education, Culture and Science. Probably, Bruno Bruins is best known for his period as Minister for Medical Care and Sport in which the Corona crisis was the essential theme.