Lex Hoogduin

Lex Hoogduin will address the elephant in the room. One pillar of economic integration among EU countries is strong financial stability between European countries. To finance the government's high spending during the crisis, countries have proposed various instruments, such as Eurobonds. While some countries are optimistic about these various instruments others remain sceptical. Lex Hoogduin will inform us about this difficult topic. He has plenty of experience in the field of economics. He has been an advisor to the first president of the ECB. He continued to act as Global Chief Economist at  a joint investment research company between Rabobank and Robeco. Moreover, he has been a Director of the DNB and a Non-Executive Director at the London Stock Exchange. Next to this, his primary occupation has been Professor of Economics. Lex Hoogduin can therefore use both his academic and business knowledge to lecture about the topic of the Danger of an Unbalanced Eurozone.