Martin Vliem

Martin Vliem (CISSP, CCSP, CISA) works as National Security officer at Microsoft. In this role
he represents Microsoft Netherlands to several public and private organizations concerning
themes on security, privacy and compliance. He focuses on expanding customer trust in the
adoption of Microsoft’s online services and technologies, within the context of digital
transformation and value creation. Important areas of interest are (privacy)legislation,
improving digital safety, and supporting due-diligence tracks with the adoption of cloud
computing. Martin presented at many events on the intersection between technology and

Martin works at Microsoft for fifteen years in several security-related advisory roles, focused
on datacenter- and cloud strategy, architecture and operations with Microsoft’s enterprise
customers. In the seven years before working for Microsoft, he worked at Capgemini as
managing consultant, focusing on architecture, security, and operations of IT infrastructure
and application systems. After finishing his study philosophy of science, technology and
society at the University of Twente, Martin started his career as a university teacher of
ergonomics and researcher on internet supported education.

Risk Trade-Off in Cybersecurity

Companies mostly store their private information in the cloud or on in-house servers. To secure this information, companies need to invest in cyber security. When companies are unable or unwilling to protect themselves sufficiently, it creates opportunities for cyber criminals to break into their systems to steal sensitive data and money. Cyber risks are hard to grasp and discover, therefore protecting your company is complicated and expensive. Therefore, companies have to deal with the trade-off between protecting their data versus keeping costs low. How do companies deal with this risk management dilemma?

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Martin Vliem