Tjeerd Krumpelman

The Dutch financial sector is internationally renowned for being advanced in integrating corporate social responsibility within financial and accounting practices. According to Tjeerd Krumpelman one particular aim of the sector is to achieve standardisation of non-financial reporting. Tjeerd Krumpelman is the Global Head of Business Advisory, Reporting & Engagement at ABN AMRO. He has over 18 years of experience in the banking sector. He started as a private banker, continued as investment advisor and later on became Regional Head of Investments. The last seven years he has been working within ABN AMRO’s Corporate Strategy & Sustainability department. He heads up a team that offers advice on sustainability and is responsible for integrated thinking & reporting. Based on his knowledge and experience, Tjeerd is the perfect person to tell us more about the challenges as well as progress associated with the standardisation of non-financial reporting through addressing the subtheme "Embracing Transparency through Integrated Reporting".